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What is a SAP Stammtisch ?

An SAP Stammtisch is probably the most informal option for an SAP Community meeting. You can also call it a «regulars’ table» or an ad-hoc meeting.

It is an informal coming together to talk about SAP-related topics – that is what the SAP Stammtisch all have in common. Actually, meetings like that have been held all
around the world for a long time. T

hese usually happen in a smaller environment and are casual and unprepared. They can take place in a restaurant, pub, beer garden or any other meeting space. They can be started easily after work by

SAP Community members living or working in the same region colleagues internally temporary project members or even better: a mix of all of these.

Our first meeting was last Thursday, July 9th 2020 with a special online format due to COVID19 situation worldwide.

From now on, updating this wiki page, we will announce next SAPStammtischBCN meetings. At the moment, we are planning all with an online format. Maybe if pandemic situation changes, we could update it.

Next Stammtisch:February 9th

Thursday 9/3/2023 on-line

About SAP Inside Track

An SAP Inside Track is a local grassroots community organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge, expertise and network. Often these sessions are streamed and recorded for space and time shifting.

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Can I join ?

Yes, there is any special condition to join, you will enjoy more if you are involved to SAP.

It has cost ?

No, you can attend for free.

Are there event-related badges for SAP Stammtisch BCN ?

No, it’s not planned at this moment.

Is there any default language to use, e.g. only English or only the local language?

No. the language will be adapted to the people attending.


Under covid restrictions, all Stammtisch meeting will be conducted through a private discord server